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BREAKING - This is a follow up to our last alert on Tuesday about the new massive long gun ban being proposed by the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Coalition - See the full list now!

This new prohibited firearm list includes:

  • SKS

  • IWI Tavor & X-95

  • all AR180 and variants

  • Canuck bullpup shotguns

  • Crusader Arms

  • Kel-Tec Sub2000 (and others)

  • JR Carbine

  • Kriss Vector

  • Ruger PC Carbine

  • GSG 16

  • GSG 15

  • Norinco T97 NSR

  • Benelli MR1

  • all B&T models

  • countless others

This amendment has been put forward by the Liberals and they have the votes to add it to Bill C-21. If Bill C-21 passes, and again they do have the votes, these firearms as well as all formerly prohibited firearms will be enshrined in legislation. 

Bill C-21 also now prohibits ALL CENTERFIRE SEMI-AUTOMATIC firearms with removable magazines.

What does this mean for you as a new (or a prospective) PAL holder? First of all it means DON'T PANIC. The measures contained in the Liberal's Bill C-21 have to go through parliament and receive royal assent, which won't likely happen until the fall.

In the meantime, talk about this issue-- to your Member of Parliament, and to those in your social sphere (friends, family, co-workers), especially those who may believe the federal government is taking the right action. IT IS NOT, as evidenced by the number of law enforcement agencies that oppose the Trudeau gun ban and buyback program. Police chiefs in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto and the union representing RCMP officers across Canada all agree the Liberal plan will do nothing to curb gun crime and the government should spend money to reduce illegal gun smuggling and gang activity. Two thirds of all gun crime in Toronto involve smuggled guns.

There is no statistical evidence to support Bill C-21's objective to make Canadians safer. In the same way there is no evidence to support the Liberals' still-lacking-definition "assault rifle" ban in Canada. Responsible gun owners are not the problem, and portraying them as such shows huge disrespect for them and all Canadians who depend on government to be honest, open and transparent.

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